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What Do I Do?

Andy Wright, a unique, multi-talented individual with many diverse skills and experiences, overcoming all obstacles including physical disablement from birth. This website shows only a small proportion of the skills, products and services he offers (the main ones are shown below).

Youtube & Other Platforms

Starting in approximately 2016, Andy Wright Travel focused on disability accessible travel, home and abroad (mainly Thailand).  Then, Talking Really was added around 2018, which aimed at providing disability related information and support.  There are several other smaller channels, non-monetised.

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Public Speaking Engagements

It's quite difficult to be "interesting" these days.  Gone are the times when just being "you" would be enough to book an event. These days you need to be famous for something, an Olympian or heroic type.  Andy's interest in public speaking was born when he was invited to speak at the Sport England conference.  From there, he saw that he did have things of interest that others wished to hear.

picture of Andy at podium

Tutor and Trainer

From the early days of computer software and hardware trainer, in private and for large businesses and Further Education establishments, the subject matter expanded to include martial arts, personal safety, disability related subjects, Qigong and physical health exercise, to online subjects including English (TEFL).

picture of Andy and tai chi group

Website and Software development

From early days in 1984, when Andy purchased a ZX Spectrum 128k to play "Elite"; having got bored with the game decided to teach himself programming basic and machine code.  This led to a full time job writing computer applications and later as a self-employed techie, designing and hosting websites.

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