This is Feurteventura (one of the Canary Islands), and another all-inclusive Thomson package deal with my friend Emma, Summer 2009.  I actually did really enjoy this holiday because it was somewhere different although it actually felt very familiar at the same time.  It is an island built around a volcano and luckily was not active.

I actually don’t remember much about the specifics of this trip such as the hotel etc, although it was Riu branded.

I do remember the island/airport was very accessible but above all, very clean.

Our hotel was right on the beach and a little way down the coast was a nudist area although too far to walk.  The hotel was popular with the Germans who had the usual habit of sun bed hogging despite rules to the contrary.

We managed an excursion by coach up to the top of the volcano although to be fair it looked very unearth-like (martian?) with the volcanic rock strewn haphazardly.

The room had a good view of the pool area and beach, and I took the opportunity to do some tai chi photos in the late afternoon.

Managed a bus trip to the local town and frequented a bar for a very expensive drink.

The vantage point gave us a birds eye view of the shenanigans of our European partners.

We weren’t that bothered about sun bathing however one day we decided to bed-hog so I went down early and towel reserved two beds near the pool, just for spite really.

The beach was great, sandy with blue sea lapping gently against the shoreline.  It was too difficult to walk on  and far too hot to be doing so, so we ventured out once never making it to the nudist section.

The local town was a standard fishing port -cum- tourist place.  Notably, very clean and bright.

A RIU brand of similar quality to others we’d stayed at.  There were a few hotels along our stretch of coastline as far as I recall.  The bus stop was just on the main road about 500 yards from the entrance.

On one excursion we were camel riding, which was quite an experience.

I did not get too close to Charles, as he did not appear to be in a good mood and I valued my legs and hands.

“This way for the volcano” says me, the tour guide.

Actually this one is completely under water with an incomplete top ring just showing.

BELOW: Top of the volcano and the visitor centre

In the shade it was quite pleasant. Looks like I’d done a bit of sun bathing, despite not doing any sun bed worshipping (mostly after lunch as the sun went down).

The room balcony vantage point for spotting the sun bed hogs. I never frequented the pool but my friend Emma did have a dip or two, when there was space.

The beach was literally at the end of a short path.