The accessible nature of the grounds  involved reasonable inclined ramps and  paths, with lifts going to all floors.  Initially  I walked the prescribed route but found it  was a really long walk so made the shortcut my regular route, however this included a  medium number of steps not everyone  could manage as some were quite steep. The shortcut came out near to our room, which was in an outlying block to the On the tour we stopped off for site seeing and photo opportunities; one of which was the wreck on the beach.  It was a bit of a trek down to the beach So I didn’t actually go.  The other  Stops were in the local town, where It was hard to avoid the “sell” of tourist tat by the locals.  It was also a big thing for the Islanders, the  income for whom was mostly from  tourism. There were some characters.. I don’t recall his name but he was a face book friend for a year or two before disappearing off presumably as he reached the limit of friends, mostly females. It was apparent the poorness of the  Locals, yet they were very friendly, that struck you.  The tourism industry was a manufactured product, and the This is the view of our hotel from the  water’s edge. There is nothing either side of this complex, rising out of the  ground.   The only consolation is the  sand colour of the buildings! As an island paradise it rates highly, however at what cost?